Top Cleaning Tips for Healthy Skin

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The very first thing you need to take under consideration, when it comes to healthy and radiant skin, of course, is your daily cleansing routine. The right cleaning tips will help you to keep your skin beautiful, young and blemish-free on a budget. Here are the top facial cleansing tips to always have in mind:

1. Regardless your skin type, you need to cleanse your facial skin twice per day. Once is too rare, because through the day you get a lot of dirt inside your epidermis and through the night, the pores clock and the sweat makes your face greasy.

2. Look for cleansing products that contain none of these: parabens, alcohol or soaps. For greasy and acne-prone skin, oils aren`t very helpful, either.

3. Have a separate towel to dry your facial skin. It is not the hand towel. And it is for sure not the all-purpose family towel in the bathroom. They are both too dirty for your delicate facial skin.

4. Make contrast rinsing routine after applying your cleansing product. Whether it is a mild soap, or cleansing gel, you need to rinse it off afterwards. For best effect, change the water temperature and make the popular contrast showers – with cool and warm water – that are quite recommended by the top world dermatologists.

5. Exfoliation is a must! Again, no matter what skin type you`ve got, this process is mandatory, because it helps you to get rid of the dead cells fast. Well, in case you are with oily or acne-prone skin, you need to exfoliate more often, like twice per week, and if you are with dry skin, make it once per day. Sensitive skin should be exfoliated with mild products.

6. Once per month, visit a dermatologist or cosmetic expert for professional cleansing procedure. 



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