Most Common Cleansing Mistakes You Ruin Your Face With

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Most Common Cleansing Mistakes You Ruin Your Face With

You might think that you take care of your facial skin right, but when you read the following lines, there is a big chance for you to get a little bit worried. Because the next common cleansing mistakes we will present you, are, at once hand, quite often and popular, and on the other hand – too dangerous for your delicate facial skin:

1. Cleansing the face too often

Some people believe the more often they clean their face, the smaller the pores and the less the blemishes become. No such thing. Too often cleansing makes your skin dry, but not self-healing from acne. There are other procedures and products you need to consider in order to get rid of this problem.

2. Being tough on eye zone

Guys, this is the most delicate area on your facial skin. And the harder you press on it or the more drastic products you apply on it, the sooner you will see those aging fine lines you used to believe only your granny has.

3. Forgetting the exfoliating part of the weekly cleansing routine

Tell us the truth, how many of you think that exfoliation is just recommended for healthy skin and, how many of you actually know that all skin types need it? Well, we`re sure at least half of you forget to exfoliate skin at least once per month, which is very, very bad for your skin. Because without this important cleansing process, your skin gets dull due to the excess of dead cells on its upper layer. And it`s not very beautiful to see, girls!

4. Skimping on sudsing

Hello, you only need about 1 minute to foam the cleansing gel, half per minute to wash it off and one more half to dry your face! The rest is excess you make your delicate facial skin get worse.


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