How To Have Awesome Pedicure At Home

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It is a question of motivation and right set of tricks and hacks to use, if you want to achieve awesome pedicure at home. Settle this one as a goal for the upcoming 2017-2018 year,  but before that, make sure to read the following lines, where we`re going to teach you how to deal with your pedicure without leaving your home. And at the same time, to follow the latest fashion trends! Get ready, we are about to begin…

1. It`s all about the natural approach

The eco-friendly style of living, cooking, breathing and etc… has conquered us and it is important to accept this principle in our beautifying routine, too. So avoid synthetic moisturizers for the cuticles and instead, use olive oil. Get rid of the dead cells with ordinary salty water. Should we go on? You all know these tricks from your mom!

2. There are night-acting treating masks that will keep the pedicure awesome

These are creams you apply usually in cold winter before putting some warm socks on. Sleep with this and in the morning you will no longer be annoyed by the rough skin on your heels.

3. See how to get the best pedicure style!

First of all, follow the colours of the year and they will be blue and yellow. Also, cut the nails straight across the edges, which will be the shape of the upcoming 2017-2018 year! Well, you are done, but if you want to add some finish, you can add some sticker with a message or just few shiny rocks, if you are going out for a really hot and unforgettable party, where everyone will be sparkling! 

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