Our Favourite Pedicure Tips

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It`s a very common mistakes for a woman to forget her food nails and to only think about her hands. But pedicure is as important as manicure is. So pedicure should be also a significant part of your weekly beauty routine. You might have decided to take this chore for a domestic agenda mission, so do not hesitate to accept at least our help, if you are not so up to visiting the professional pedicurist. Here are our favourite pedicure tips to follow:

  1. Rely on the benefits of creamy pumice scrubs

They are wonderful to make your toes gentle and silky. Peppermint scrubs, though, are our top pick-ups, but you can opt for some other flavours, too.

  1. Feet need cream, too

Like having hand cream, you need to buy feet cream that will provide the same moisturizing effect, but will also reduce the dead cells and the tough rough skin usually appearing on your heels.

  1. Start the pedicure procedure with a bath

Prepare 1 gallon of warm water and soak toes with your favourite hydrating and nourishing natural essential oils. Or simply, add some seaside salt to get the nails ready for beautifying.

  1. Exfoliate toe nails, too

Probably, you think that this is a part of a professional pedicure procedure only, but you can have it in your own domestic spa process, too. Just find the right products and have it for some relaxation and dead cells removal.

  1. Do not be shy to use some assistance for the polishing part

If you have run of creative ideas for the acrylic drawings or you just have that shaky hand to be unable to finely polish the nails, use some help, don`t doubt. 




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