4 Skin Cleansing Tips You Have Not Heard

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You might think you know everything about skin cleansing routine and you are even ready to write a book about it, but wait to hear this: there are some insider secrets or tips you might not be aware at all. It’s time to find out them. Check the following 4 skin cleansing tips you have not heard, because you never know what can be right the corner waiting for you to become your next most favourite beauty trick:

  1. Not all exfoliating products do good to your skin

As an expert in skin cleansing, you know that exfoliation is a must, right? However, did you know that some exfoliating products actually do more bad things to you than good ones? The truth is that all exfoliators, which are made of other than lactic and glycolic acids (or any synthetic beads), harm your skin a lot!

  1. You don’t need special pore-closing products… You have one at home!

Any toner can close your pores after deep cleansing with lukewarm water and some gel or cream depending on your skin typ. This is why experts say that you apply toners before moisturizing and after cleansing.

  1. Hand motions are as important as the skin product type you use

Biggest skin treatment experts say neither a luxury, nor a cheap skin cleansing product will work if you apply it with the wrong movements. On mandatory make circle motions with your hand – as you are gently massing your face.

  1. Yogurt can save you at those moment you’ve run out all of your skin cleansing products

You can clean your face from dirt and to unclog pores with ordinary yogurt (better a Greek type). Apply it on the face, massage and rinse it off with cool water.

You are clean now! 





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