Summer Skin Cleansing Tips Not To Underestimate

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Summer is the season that brings a lot of challenges to your skin. It takes some steps to make in order to preserve it healthy, young and glowing. Don’t underestimate the specificities for summer skin treatment for anything in life. On the contrary – check out some of the most important summer skin cleansing tips right away:

  1. More sweating does not mean more cleansing

Yes, your skin gets quite sweaty and dirty in summer, but it does not mean you have to double the times for cleansing. It will only get worse – dirtier and drier. Even if you have oily skin type, don’t go for more than three times cleansing per day. And the third additional time is ok in case you were on the beach or had some workout.

  1. After sun exposure cleansing is a must

Like we said it is ok to thoroughly cleanse your face, if you have just come back from the beach. Yes, even if you have had cleaned your face in the morning, you can do it now again. Moreover – consider applying after sun cooling creams after cleansing. It will make your face chill up after the sun exposure you have caused it.

  1. Avoid alcohol-based cleansing products

They aren’t very suitable for summer time. Better, use something milder and hydrating. Alcohol dries off skin and in summer hotness does the same, too. So don’t put your skin into such a torture. It’s hot enough…

  1. Exfoliation is always welcome

It’s the best cleansing tip for summer time. Exfoliation is the only way to remove all the dead cells from the hot skin epidermis. So even though you are not such a fan of exfoliation, go for it at least in summer. 


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