Here Are All The How To In Keeping Your Facial Skin Extra Clean

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Here Are All The How To In Keeping Your Facial Skin Extra CleanHere Are All The How To In Keeping Your Facial Skin Extra Clean

Cleansing your face depends on numerous factors. However, it is a must to know the most popular – tested and efficient – practices that are dermatologically approved and recommended, if you want to skip the regular visits to professional cosmetic experts and accept the cleansing mission for your home agenda task. So this is why we are here, actually. We will show you the most common how-to guides and tricks, when it comes to extra clean face and good cleansing tips:

1. How to clean dry skin

It is a big mistake to think that only combination and oily skin types require morning and evening cleansing. Dry skin needs them, too. Cleansing dry skin means gentle removal of dirt and dust + special hydrating. This is supposed to be the right formula your cleansing product is based on.

2. How to determine the skin type, so it can be cleansed in the right way
You`ve got itchy and flaky skin, if it is of a dry type. If you have a lot of sebum excess and big pores, plus acne – your skin is probably greasy. If these problems are combined with tightening around the nose zone, you might have got the complex mixed skin. Normal skin usually has no issues, but if it is not finely cleansed, you will eventually get either acne, or itching.

3. How to act away of bathroom when it comes to keep clean face

It`s not about cleansing your face on a regular basis and doing it the right way only. You also need to acquire some important habits in your life and outside the bathroom. First, drink enough water during the day – about 2 litres is enough. Also, 30% of your daily food should be fruits and veggies. And, alcohol or cigarettes must be reduced to minimum. 

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