Nail, pedicure and skin care

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BEAUTE is a groundbreaking 3-in-1 sonic care device for nail, pedicure and skin care.
With new, patented, orbital motion technology our device is safe, easy to use and helps you sustain healthy nail and skin routine.
With one electronic body and 3 different type of attachments you have a complete 3-in-1 sonic care system that is easy and fun to use.
It features orbital motion, easy attachments, is suitable for both for men and women, is waterproof, works on batteries, is small, light, compact and offered in 3 colors. BEAUTE Nail Care and Pedicure System is designed to trim, shape, file and buff without any damage to the nail and cuticles. The Pedi pad softens the feet for a healthy pedicure.

Suitable For Men And Women
A device that anyone can use. The two different speed setting allow you to customize your experience with Beaute. Use the gentle massaging motion, or the higher deep cleasing speed to take your skincare routine to the next level. Works for any skin and nail types.


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