How To Make Great Pedicure By Yourself and At Home?

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Is it possible for a girl to have the perfect manicure at home? Or it is a must to visit a specialist for full course treatment of the rough heels, the tough to be cut nails, the cuticles…? Well, what we think and believe is that with the right approach and some help from us, you can be actually able to get yourself some really nice pedicure by yourself and at home. Check out how to do it:

1. Have a bath for the toes in advance

Make sure you soak them in warm water. Too hot water will dry the skin, while the cold water can get you a cough. If you don`t have any essential oils, you can add only salt.

2. Make sure to dry the toes before treating

It is the time, when you need to use dry clean cloth and to apply some olive oil to moisture the skin. Then, you are ready to get rid of the dead cells.

3. Even though at home, you can still use professional tools

All Chinese imitations might only damage your gentle skin or nails. So better find out where to buy a proper and effective kit for home pedicure or for spa pedicure routines in professional saloons and with time, you will learn to use it like a real expert.

4. Always, make a finish for the pedicure

Nails get the coat with some vitamins that will make the colour stand for longer. On the other side, cuticles should be once again wiped with oils to prevent dryness that is both: ugly for the eye and quite painful for you. 


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