How to Use

How to Use


How to use BEAUTE on my face?

1. Choose between the delicate and normal brush heads depending on your needs.
2. Rinse your face, apply a mild cleanser of your choice and turn on BEAUTE to normal or super speed.
3. Use circular movements to cleanse your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. When working around the eyes always use the softer brush head and avoid approaching too close to the eye line.
4. Rinse your face and enjoy its new radiance.

How do I use Beaute on my nails?

To trim, shape and shine your finger and toe nails, follow these easy steps:
1. Use the metal pad to shorten and trim your nails; follow with the blue pad to file nail edges to your desired shape.
2. Use the red (magenta) pad to remove edges from the surface of your nails.
3. Use the white pad to polish your nails and the grey pad to buff them to a super shine.
With all steps, use normal speed until you get comfortable with the process. Once you become skillful using your BEAUTE, you can switch to super speed for faster results.
When using your BEAUTE regularly, you will not need all pads and steps every time.
You will most often need the metal pad for trimming, the white for polishing and the grey for buffing. As the red (magenta) and the blue pad file the surface of your nails, we recommend using them no more than once every two weeks.

How do I use Beaute on the hardened skin on my hands and feet?

If you suspect you have a skin problem, consult a physician before using BEAUTE. Otherwise, follow these easy steps:
1. Wash your feet or your hands to moisturize the area you want to smoothen.
2. Without drying it, use the black pedi pad to gently buff away hardened skin or calluses and achieve silky-soft skin.
BEAUTE’s patented orbital motion sonic technology gives you the freedom and flexibility to use the device in any direction you like with the same amazing results.

How should I care for Beaute?

BEAUTE is water resistant, which means you can safely rinse it or take it under the shower. Yet, please:
• DO NOT submerge it in water - as in a bathtub or sink
• DO NOT use it in ways absent in the description of the manual
• DO NOT place it on hot surfaces where it can melt
• DO NOT clean it with abrasive chemicals
• DO NOT leave it unsupervised around young children or mentally challenged people.

How should I store Beaute?

If you expect to not use your BEAUTE for an extended period of time, we recommend that you store it in a dry area and remove the batteries from the device. In this way, you will make sure that the batteries will not leak and damage your BEAUTE System.

How do I change the batteries?

1. Turn the bottom of the battery compartment counterclockwise until the lock releases with a click. Then pull the bottom down.
2. When the cartridge appears, insert/remove the 2xAA batteries as shown on the drawing.
3. Gently push the battery cartridge back into the device and turn clockwise to lock back into position.

How to change Brush Heads and Nail and Pedi Pads?

1. To attach the desired brush or pad, simply press down until it is secured onto the head base.
2. To remove the brush or pad, lift the short end first and detach carefully along the length of the brush/pad.